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The new TimeCutter HD zero turn mower does more than cut grass to perfection. It can also cut your mowing time almost in half*. And the heavy-duty GRADE 50 high-strength steel deck is nearly 50% stronger than other decks**, so you can power through tough grass. You'll not only enjoy mowing - you'll enjoy more free time.

TimeCutter ZX 4800 – 75201

  • Engine

    22.5 hp (16.8 kW) Toro® OHV V-Twin 708 cc 

    Cutting Width

    121.9 cm

    Deck Material

    Fabricated - Grade 50 high-strength 10-gauge

    Drive System

    Dual Hydrostatic Hydro-Gear® ZT 3100

    Ground Speed (Maximum)

    13.7 km/h, Smart Speed® control system - 3 speed range

    Height of Cut

    3.8 - 11.4 cm, 13 positions

    Fuel Capacity

    18.9 litres

    Engine Guard

    Standard, Bucket-ready


    Rear: 22" x 10" - 10"
    Front: 13" x 6" - 6"

    Blade Tip Speed

    18,880+ ft/min


    18" thickly padded, premium

    Seat Suspension

    3 coil springs



    Washout Port

    2 Standard

    Digital Hour Meter


    Hitch Kit


    Floor Mat



    Length: 208.5 cm
    Width: 161 cm - deflector down
    Height: 112 cm - to top of seat.


    Approx. 337.5 kg


    3 years/300 hours warranty

  • Excellent Handling and Manoeuvrability

    - Large 22" rear tyres to ensure better handling and manoeuvrability, plus a smoother ride.

    Professional-Grade Performance

    - TimeCutter HD mowing decks are made of fully-welded GRADE 50 high-strength steel to stand up to your toughest mowing challenges. In fact, our high-strength 10-gauge steel deck is nearly 50% stronger than regular 11-guage steel decks, giving you the durability acreages demand. From top to bottom, every detail delivers the heavy-duty performance of a commercial mower, down to the quality of cut. It's not only built to last; it's built to give you a property that makes you proud.

    Smart Speed Control - Trim, Tow, Mow

    - Toro’s Smart Speed control system lets you choose from three ground speed ranges for optimal performance. Use low TRIM range to trim closer for maximum time savings, choose medium TOW range for towing attachments, or select high MOW range to mow large open areas.

    Standard Tow Hitch

    - With the Smart Speed control system and the standard hitch, you can tow attachments with precision speed and control.

    Attach Buckets

    - Take a utility bucket with you to carry tools, debris or other supplies. Simply rest your bucket on the lip built into the rear engine guard, and secure it with a strap to hold it in place*.

    *Bucket and strap not included. Consult owner's manual for weight and use restrictions.

    12V Accessory Port

    - Need portable power to charge your MP3 player or personal fan? Just plug it into the 12V accessory port.

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