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Husqvarna 545RXT-AT is a brushcutter for professional users cutting or trimming long stretches of heavy grass or other vegetation. Its combination of power, performance and comfort means high productivity and low user strain.


Simplified starting procedure: just purge, push the start button and pull the cord. Powerful engine with X-Torq® technology offers high fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emission levels, while AutoTune™ automatic engine adjustment ensures peak performance regardless of fuel quality, climate or altitude.


Balance XT harness, adjustable handles and efficient vibration dampening help maximise productivity and comfort even for the longest, toughest jobs. 


  • Cylinder displacement

    45.7 см³

  • Power output

    2.2 kW

  • Weight (excl. cutting equipment)

    8.6 kg

  • Cutting width

    49 cm


  • Simpler starting 

    Easy as 1, 2, 3:
    1. Push purge bulb
    2. Push the start button
    3. Pull the cord… and go! 


    Always optimized engine performance - no need for carb adjustment due to variations in fuel quality, climate or altitude. 

    Balance XT 

    Ergonomic harness with broad back support, shoulder straps and hip belt that distributes the load over a larger area. Adjustable back plate for perfect fit. 

    Optimised shaft & gear 

    Optimised shaft length and 35 degrees bevel gear facilitates operation and allows the cutting equipment working parallel to the ground.

    Transparent fuel tank 

    Transparent fuel tank for checking the fuel level.

    Long shaft 

    Long shaft, optimised for clearing grass.

    Ergonomic design 

    Angled handle bar and comfort handles provides excellent grip and working position.

  • Optimised centre of gravity 

    Improved balance thanks to the fuel tank placement in front of the engine.

    High torque bevel gear 

    Bevel gear designed with high torque and the cutting equipment parallell to the ground for best cutting performance

    Tap 'N Go 

    Heavy duty twin line cutting system with Tap 'N Go™ for quick line feed.

    Adjustable handle bar 

    Adjustable and ergonomically designed handlebar for best comfort.

    High offset post 

    High offset post increases freedom of movement when working on slopes.

    Fuel pump 

    Fuel pump designed for easy starting

    Easy switch of cutting equipment 

    Magnet locking pin holder facilitates easy switch of cutting equipment.

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